Product Matrices and Guidelines

ResMac is a conforming, conventional and government mortgage asset aggregator. The products we offer currently are all deliverable to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae. While ResMac underwriters mainly follow the automated underwriting system (AUS) findings, there are certain things that ResMac requires from all of its borrowers – it is important to read the product guidelines carefully. You may also access the Agency Selling Guides – underwriters will follow the Agency Selling Guides when ResMac guidelines do not address a specific issue or type of credit risk.


Click on below links to download files

  • Fannie Mae Matrix 10.6.17
  • Freddie Mac Matrix 10.10.17
  • FHA Matrix
  • HARP Matrix
  • Non-Agency Matrix
  • Non-QM Matrix
  • USDA Matrix
  • VA Matrix

All product guidelines are subject to change with limited or no notice. Additionally, underwriters may from time to time request documentation in addition to what is noted on the automated underwriting system (AUS) findings based on the overall credit risk profile of the borrower(s). TPO clients are encouraged to check marti regularly for loan status updates, conditions and notes.